Dear Capri Friends,

Since we are constantly getting requests from inside Germany and abroad right now whether or not the European Capri Post Meeting in 2021 will take place, we would like to give you a little interim report on the currently difficult planning situation.

Unfortunately, the number of infections is increasing very much which makes a stabile long-term planning difficult. We are very hopeful, however, that the situation will be under control again next summer and we all – hopefully in the best of health – can meet.

Some things will definitely be different to the times before. Because the absolute requirement in order to be able to carry out the event is that ALL OF US stick to the regulations of the City of Speyer and the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate.

We are currently planning to send out the invitations by December.

The Corona crisis is directly affecting our common hobby “our Capri” and most probably also our lives. Therefore, this year, hardly any Capri events were carried out. The longing for normality and for our common hobby and all the people that are part of it is very big. Thus, we will try everything that the European Capri Post Meeting 2021 can take place.

We wish you all the best until then – take good care and stay healthy.
If you have questions, contact us any time. We always love hearing from you.

Andrea & Gerald Mandl