Actual Informations

Capri evaluation

Dear Capri Friends,

We are looking for volunteers who would like to actively participate as expert in the Capri evaluation.


Ford Factory Tour

Dear Capri Friends,

on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Ford Capri, Ford is pleased to invite Capri fans to an exclusive factory tour.

Further Informations in the invitation.

Capri Special Exhibition

On the occasion of 50 years Capri and 25 years capri meetings in Speyer, there will be a special exhibition in the museum in the Buran hall just in time for our meeting.

Together with the museum we will try to create a presentation worthy of the Capri. Let us surprise you.

Wolfgang Laufer and the Capri RS Gruppe 2

He will be there again this time. Wolfgang Laufer and the Capri RS Group 2 from the Ford stock. And as it looks at the moment, both are coming on Friday.

The "Stenger" Capri

I guess we'll have to do without him this time. The “Stenger" Capri was sold and is no longer in the museum. In the future you will be able to admire it on the Nürburgring – of course in action.