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Dear Capri Friends,

we are very happy to announce another exciting highlight in our calendar. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Ford Capri, Ford is pleased to invite Capri fans to an exclusive factory tour – which will include some special features not normally available. The visit is scheduled exactly two days before our meeting in Speyer, so that even participants travelling from far afield can include this in their travel plans.

Unfortunately, we are unable to attend ourselves, with preparations and the final touches for our own meeting taking priority. Nevertheless, we are more than happy to manage registrations for the event, and kindly ask you to complete the registration form completely. After receiving the completed registrations, we will forward them on to Ford.

We are so happy that it has become possible to offer you this event.
Best regards
Andrea & Gerald Mandl
Capri Post

Please find the official Ford Invitation below:

Dear Ford Capri Community,

This year the Ford Capri celebrates its 50th birthday. The perfect reason for us to celebrate together with a special day in the former production facility of the Ford Capri. We would like to invite you to join us on

Wednesday, 19th June 2019

to visit Ford-Werke in Cologne. The programme will cover a tour through the Fiesta production facility and a guided tour through the Ford Classic Cars collection in Cologne-Niehl. Our Product Development Centre in Cologne-Merkenich is pleased to open its gates for you on this day and offers Capri-owners the unique opportunity to drive their Ford Capri around our very own test track.

Our visitors program is based on 220 guests and 150 Ford Capri vehicles. We are pleased to offer you this event in cooperation with Capri Post. Please click on the following link, which will lead you to the registration form. Please complete this form and submit it online. Naturally, we are glad to be able to offer you the guided tour also in English language. Please indicate your requirement for this on the registration form in the field “favoured language”.

General information:

Please note that children, who are younger than 6 years of age, are not allowed to attend the event.

Furthermore, please note that in our Product Development Centre in Cologne-Merkenich it is absolutely forbidden to take photos. Cameras and mobile phones have to be given up upon entry. There will be a photographer available on site for you, who will be happy to take souvenir photos. In Cologne-Niehl it is forbidden to take photos during the tour through the Fiesta production. Of course you can take photos in the Classic Cars collection and on all other points of the programme.

You will receive more details after your registration.

Kindest Regards from Cologne

Helga Müller
Ford Club Service
T +49 221 90-17 257

Ford-Werke GmbH
MBox D-NH/5D
Henry-Ford-Straße 1
50735 Köln

Ford-Werke GmbH, Sitz der Gesellschaft: Köln – Registergericht Köln, HRB 54183 – Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Steven Armstrong – Geschäftsführung: Gunnar Herrmann (Vorsitzender), Jörg Beyer, Dr. Clemens Doepgen, Dirk Heller, Dr. Benno M. Hilgers, Hans Jörg Klein, Rainer Ludwig, Bernd Rose