European Capri Post Meeting 2021

Technik Museum Speyer – 18. – 20. Juni 2021


Dear Capri Friends,

We had planned to send out the invitations for the European Capri Post Meeting in late January – but what can you plan in difficult times like these anyway.

The current state of the pandemic has caused us to postpone the date of the mailing until early to mid-March.

We have signed all contracts in January and therefore, made arrangements at least with the museum to carry out the meeting. But local authorities will have the final say.

Since we cannot know right now when the restrictions will be loosened and if the mutated virus will set back the pandemic to start, we do not want to send out invitations right now and therefore not trigger the money transfer for the registration.

At the moment we are full of hope that the meeting will take place. It will definitely be different to what we are used to that is for sure right now. It will be an open air meeting, without wine village, band and evening show.

And it will also certainly be a closed event with only registered participants – without daytime visitors. This will be required by the authorities. Even if 2021 will be “different”, we have a great longing to see each other again… even with a distance!

Feel free to leave your opinions in the Meetings Forum .

Please take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

All the best Andrea & Gerald Mandl