European Capri Post Meeting 2022

Technik Museum Speyer – 01. – 03. July 2022

Meeting information

Reservation plan - 26.06.2022

Wolfgang and his Capri are also there again

Dear Capri Friends,

We would like to cordially invite you to our Capri weekend in Speyer. But first, some explanations: The last two years Covid-19 has more or less taken over our lives. Therefore, we had to cancel the European Capri Post Meeting 2021 and postpone it to this year. But even this year the state of the pandemic and the political situation has forced us to wait as long as possible before we send out the invitation, in order to be able to comply with the current regulations.
Despite the loosening things have not become completely “easier”. Each German Federal State, in our case the Land Rheinland-Pfalz, and each county or city can pass their own rules. Maybe all legal regulations for our event in Speyer in summer will be gone or we might have to still create hygiene plans and take care of a certain amount of people that are allowed in closed rooms or in the Weindorf.
That is why we cannot say in for sure in this invitation what the things are that can take place or not. We will probably not be allowed to have a band playing for us. We can also not promise that there will be a bar as usual. At the moment we have several simultaneous plans. If there will only be outside gastronomy or also at the Weindorf is a fact that will be decided only shortly before the meeting.
The second thing that took lots of negotiation skills and effort was the price structure. Many companies, with the Technik Museum being part of them, had to close down during the lockdown phases of the pandemic and used that time to rearrange their prices. High inflation rates have also contributed to the increase in prices. That is why we also have to raise prices, but we tried to do it as moderately as possible.
Das European Capri Post Meeting 2022 wird auf alle Fälle stattfinden, aber vermutlich anders wie in den letzten Jahren. Wir müssen uns den örtlichen Gegebenheiten und Bestimmungen anpassen, werden aber versuchen das Beste für Euch daraus zu machen. Wir müssen und werden die dann Anfang Juli geltenden Bestimmungen umsetzen (wie auch immer sie gestaltet sein mögen) , und jeder Teilnehmer muss sich daran halten. Wer das für sich selbst nicht möchte, sollte sich bitte nicht anmelden und ggf. auf das nächste Treffen warten. Wir als Veranstalter sind da leider persönlich verantwortlich und tragen alleine das volle Risiko.

We count on your understanding and wish you a great Capri weekend, despite those difficult conditions. The most important part is that we can all see each other again in person.

Our outdoor area as well as the Camping by Capri area will be the same as with the meeting in 2019. For all those who do not necessarily want to camp at their Capri or register too late, there is the chance of “pure” camping (without Capri).
The Capri part flea market and the parking lot for “Capris without tents” will also be located on the big parking lot (right on the left of the entrance). Whether or not the complete framework program will take place at the Weindorf again, which is straight opposite of the parking lot, cannot be determined as of now.
We will also, of course, try to make your special parking space wishes come true this year. We have to stick strictly to the order of registration, however. Camping by Capri will only be possible as long as there are enough spaces. Only the meadow next to the barracks is determined for Camping by Capri. So register quickly!!!

A location & reservation map can be found here later.

As key points we can already tell you this:

Reserved parking spaces
Camping by Capri
Present per Capri
Free entry to the Technik Museum
Capri Part Flea Market

About the program:

The meeting starts on Friday, 01.07.2022. From 13.00 on we will be able to receive the first Capris. If possible the Capri Bar opens around 22.00 with open end and a great mood.As usual in previous years, we have to close the site at midnight and will only be allowed to re-open at 8.00 in the morning for cars to enter the meeting.

On Saturday 02.07.2022 he day begins with a breakfast buffet in the Weindorf or in the hotel. Of course, there will be a Capri part flea market where everyone who wants to buy something can do that. In a designated area there will be private sellers and traders. Private sellers can sell their stuff directly at their car as long as they do not disturb or obstruct anyone. For private persons we will not demand a stall fee, trader fees on request.
Due to Covid-19 we can currently not inform you about details to a possible evening event.

On Sunday, 03.07.2022breakfast in the Weindorf or hotel, car part fleamarket and closing of the meeting.

We offer you the opportunitey to camp directly on the site. For those who register early there is even the chance to do Camping by Capri (only as long as there is enough space – we assign the Camping by Capri lots according to the order of registration).

Weitere Infos entnehmt bitte der offiziellen Einladung.

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