European Capri Post Meeting 2021

Technik Museum Speyer – 18. – 20. Juni 2021

Dear Capri Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we have to tell you this news. Unfortunately we have to cancel the Capri Post Meeting in Speyer 2021. We think that as an organizer of such a big international event you also have a big responsibility. And that is toward ALL of you as well as of course all other participants that are involved in the European Capri Post Meeting.
We received strict regulations from the authorities that are concerned with the permission what kind of things are allowed at which incidence rate and which are not. Currently unfortunately there is no hope that the situation will change greatly in the next few weeks.

But even if we got the permission to carry out the event with all restrictions that would bring along, the European Capri Post Meeting would, from today’s perspective, not be feasible.

The Capri Meeting would be 100 per cent open air (independent of the weather). A minimum distance between people would have to be implemented, a duty to wear face masks as well, and only a small number of Capris/persons would be allowed to participate. Visitors (even daytime guests) would not be permitted, no evening event, tents would probably also be prohibited and much more… to name just some things.

No! That would not be our easygoing, happy Capri Meeting character as we have all known and loved the event for decades.

But to make sure that it does not take too long for us to meet again we have decided to schedule a new date. From


the European Capri Post Meeting in Speyer is supposed to take place next year. We strongly hope that the situation is more relaxed then and the Capri Meeting can take place as usual.

As a small gift we had all hotel rooms that you already booked (only in the Hotel at Technik Museum on premises) re-booked to the new date!!!
If you cannot make it in 2022 at the above mentioned date or do not want to come at all you can cancel the room without any cost. Please do that as soon as possible, so other Capri drivers that do not have a room have the chance to book theirs.

We wish you ALL all the best and hope to see you in Speyer next year.

You ALL stay healthy if possible, and despite this message, in a good mood for our common future!

All the best Andrea & Gerald Mandl